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Visiting turkey is easy. All you need is a passport or in some cases an identification card will suffice. You will need them when booking your trip so we can sort out your visas.  PLEASE BRING THE IDENTIFICATION YOU USED TO BOOK YOUR TRIP WITH. You will not be allowed on the trip without it and your day is wasted and money cannot be refunded.
The boat departs from Kos because we must pass through custom control as we are travelling to another country. The journey will take about 50 minutes. 
The currency in Turkey is Lira (TRY) and you will be able to exchange your euro for Lira when you disembark in Bodrum. Although you can use your own currency when shopping and eating but try not to bring Lira back because you cannot change it in the banks here.
Market day is ONLY TUESDAY. The market on Friday is a fruit and spices. You will find that the shops in town also offer very similar things as the market and the prices are usually the same as the markets. DON’T FORGET to HAGGLE….it’s fun and you get the price down!!
Remember it’s not all about shopping. Bodrum formally known Halicarnassus has an interesting historical past. Visit the CASTLE OF ST.PETERS, which is in the harbour. The museum alone is worth the visit.
Departure is usually 16.00 PLEASE CONFIRM and be back at boat 15 minutes earlier.

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